How to prepare for your Glamour Lingerie Boudoir shoot

- Sensual and sexy photos -
  • Be bold and decide you’re going to do it!
  • – Go online and find samples of the styles of images you like.
  • – Consider who the images are for – if the images are for your man, he’ll most likely want something a little racier than you would choose for yourself – so remember to include some sample images that appeal to you.
  • – If you are self-conscious about any part of your body, you’ll be able to discuss this with Lynette, to allow the best outcome for you.
  • – Go up a size in clothing if necessary – no size labels can be seen in photos, but if the clothing is too tight – it immediately brings the wrong sort of attention to that spot.
  • – Remember to include your hands and feet/fingernails and toenails in your beauty prep!
  • – Makeup – this is part of the look – again – if you don’t usually wear makeup, you need to consider getting a friend to help you with some, or book a makeup session at a local beauty bar.
  • – If you are going to do your own makeup – go for a heavier evening look.
  • – Make sure your legs, armpits etc are lovely and smooth.
  • – On the day of your shoot – don’t wear tight fitting clothes beforehand that will leave visible strap marks on you during your shoot.
  • – Trust us – we want you to look great – and we love to hear women say ‘Wow – I can’t believe that’s me!!’
Hi Lynette
The book is amazing, the quality & thickness of the pages is really good, we both also like how the photos run all the way to the end of the pages, my husband is very impressed… so thanks for the opportunity, had lots of fun doing it all.
Thanks heaps